S.E.R.C. Highland Branch Awards For 2017

Eilean Dhu - Highest kms, Highland ride only:-

1. Lianne Mackenzie + DNS Dante           332kms

2. Emma Matheson  I'm the Man              233kms

3. Heather Sutherland + Edi                     212kms

4. Anita Gibson + Smokey                         211kms

5. Helen More + Mellway Silver Storm      196kms

6. Paula Hawthorne + Orion Too               140 kms

6. Candy Cameron + Kingsme. Lomu        140kms

Pleasure Riders Trophy ( highest kms Highland pleasure rides only)

1. Paula Hawthorne + Orion Too     140 kms

2. Jeni Birks + Kinvarra Mist              95kms

3. Karen Graham + Rokkademus       94kms

Best Veteran Horse (points) 16+

1. Anita Gibson's   Smokey                                     78 points

2. Lis Booth's Zalah                                                 58points

3. Joe Newland's  Bluefire Midnight Shadow         54 points

Best Junior Rider (points)

1. Not awarded this year

Keribee Memorial Trophy (horse, highest points)

1. Candy Cameron's Kinsgsmeadowhouse Lomu       216 points

2. Sarah Norris's Tynebank Harry                               214points

3.Lianne Mackenzie's DNS Dante                                188 points

4. Emma Matheson’s I'm the Man                                 175points

5. Avril Bruce's Chalice                                                174points

6. Heather Sutherland's Edi                                        155 points

7. Julie Matheson's Jacko                                            149points

Seaforth Trophy ( Keribee Horse's crew)

Kingsmeadowhouse Lomu's crew

SGM Quality Rosettes Sash 

Best Native or Cob 9 Must be registered with breed society)

Sarah Norris's Tynebank Harry                                   214 points

Auchnahillin Sash (Best unregistered Native type or cob type)

Julie Matheson's Jacko                     149points

Dynan Quaich (Helpers trophy)

Margaret Chree

Beau Beginners Trophy (best newcomer, first competitive year, highest points)

Not Awarded this year

Duais Toileachais Trophy ( Pleasure rides ONLY EVER, combp highest kms)

Paula Hawthorne adn Orion Too        160kms



Candy Cameron's O Fon Cefi

Kaen Graham's Rokkademus

Karen Green's Molly Malone

Paula Hawthorne's Orion Too


Pat May's Beeston Ammar

Candy Cameron's Kingsmeadowhouse Lomu

Anita Gibson's Smokey

Alastair Macleod's Toys Goldon Legacy

Mhairi Macleod's Rocky Ridge


Anita Gibson's Smokey

Sarah Norris's Tynebank Harry

Alanna Skinner's Whitegate Izzy May

Heather Sutherland' Edi


Candy Cameron's Indian Djesik

Julie Matheson's Jacko

Sarah Norris's Tynebank Harry

Heather Sutherland's Edi


Jeni Birks's Kinvarra Mist

Julie Matheson's Jacko

Emma Matheson's I'm the Man


none higher this year!







S.E.R.C. Highland Branch Awards For 2016

Eilean Dhu - Highest kms, Highland ride only:-

1st - Lianne McKenzie + DNS Dante                        357kms

2nd - Heather Sutherland + Edi                              176kms

3rd - David Tidmarsh + Briairpatch May Star           175kms

4th - Anita Gibson + Skye                                      171kms

5th - Vivien Taylor + Utters Hill                               150kms

6th - Candy Cameron + Indian Djesik                      133kms


Pleasure Riders Trophy - highest kms, Highland pleasure rides only:-

1st - Helen More + Silver Storm                         95kms

2nd - Sandra MacDonald + Serenity Bay             89kms

3rd - Vivien Taylor + Utters Hill                          77kms


Best Veteran Horse - points 16+ :-

1st - Liz Booth's Zalah                                      139pts

2nd - Anita Gibson's Skye                                  98pts

3rd - Vivien Talyors's Utters Hill                          80pts


Keribee Memorial Trophy - horse highest points:-

1st - Lianne McKenzie's DNS Dante                 216pts      11 rides     5 golds

2nd - Liz Booth's Zalah                                   139pts      8 rides      4 golds

3rd - Emma Matheson's I'm the Man                135pts      7 rides      4 golds

4th - Heather Sutherland's Edi                         113pts      5 rides      3 golds

5th - Sarah Norris's Tynebank Harry                 109pts     4 rides       1 gold

6th - Anita Gibson's Skye                                   98pts     9 rides       4 golds


Seaforth Trophy - Keribees Horses Crew:-

DNS Dante's crew


SGM Quality Rosettes Sash - Best Native or Cob - must be registered with breed society

Sarah Norris's Tynebank Harry                       109pts


Auchnahillin SASH - Best unregistered native or Cob type:-

Brenda Burnett's  Jimmy


Dynam Quaich - Helpers Trophy:-

Caroline Venters


Beau Beginners Trophy - Best newcomers, first comp year, highest points:-

Alasdair Rory Macleod + Toys Golden Legacy                      52pts


Duais Toileachais Trophy - Pleasure rides only ever combo, highest kms:-

Sandra MacDoanld + Serenity Bay                                   89kms


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