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Nairn beach ride - 20th November 2011


Storm and I had a fabulous ride at Nairn today, thanks so much to organisers and helpers. It was great experience for Storm to go out in a group and pace himself. He was very well behaved and, once again, I'm chuffed to bits with him. Thanks to our pals Heather and Jazzy for their company,.....and J... - I hope you got your pants dried off!

Helen More & Storm

Sue and Margaret thoroughly enjoyed their ride, despite Sue having an ... [involuntary controlled dismount - ed.]! Both were feeling a bit stiff the morning after! They would also like to thank the rider [name edited - ed] who led them out and back on his lovely Morgan horse [Boysie!].

Sue and Margaret from Grampian on two lovely four legged friends; an x-racer and an amazing trotter!


Distance covered 24km by all riders at the speed allowed and rosettes awarded to all. Well done!


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