Training Day Report

Training Day at Dores 28th April 2012


Hi, just wanted to officialy say thanks for a good training day on Saturday at Candy's.

To be honest I really booked because I wanted Catriona to "do" our horses, but I can honestly say the rest of the "classes" were really good too. I learnt something from each and every one of them. A lovely atmosphere was there all day, when I arrived I felt like I was at pony club and got a tad excited, then Jimmy showed me up with lunging - he ususally is good - honest! so realized I had to get "control" and Candy showed me how to do/try different movements. Loved Catriona, how easy she makes it seem she see things I can't and I'm looking at my horses all the time (back of my garden) - she's briliant. Our chat with Lorna, made me remember things that I do know, but are way in the back of my brain, so bought them forward again, and well my lesson with Richard.............. actually I have begun..... after about 20 years, to enjoy lessons and schooling and to 'feel' exactley where each leg is, etc. So it was a real good day and wonderful value for money. Thank you all.

Brenda (granny) Burnett

Thank you so much for a lovely training day Candy. I'm am so enjoying learning all these new things and having some homework to do! You're the best!!!

Linda Innes


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